Final Edit


Evaluation: 9 shot grid (1)

  • the title of the film,
  • the setting,
  • costumes,
  • camera work and editing,
  • font and style
  • story/narrative
  • genre and suggestions of it
  • Characters

Write an explanation of each of your choices.


The title of the film – On my grid, i have the the title page, which has swans swimming in the background. we chose this mainly because it shows what a mystical setting it is, and swans are mystical animals, this links in with the film. The trees are reflected in the water, and the trees are bold, this gives a very mystical, empty feel. We chose to use a bold red colour to make the title stand out, it is also a very classical and attractive colour, which stands out to our audience, however it is a slightly darker shade of red compared to the sub titles; this is to make the main title different to the rest of the titles.

Font and Style – We have used a very simple style, however it is effective and lets people properly read the names, we have chosen to do the important titles like, producer, editor, set design, and casting, in big font in the middle of a black background. We chose this because the titles don’t distract from the acting, and the acting doesn’t distract from the titles. We want people to see the names properly, so we have decided to put them in a bold red; which is in our colour scheme. Then we also have titles in the corner of some shots,they are there for roughly 5 seconds, and you can clearly see when they pop up, they normally come, when there is a long shot, or an over the shoulder medium shot; for example when the femme fatale is putting on her lipstick.

Genre and suggestion of it – The genre is film noir, and therefore we decided to stick to it and keep the whole video black and white. Which was hard to do, because we had to make sure we had good contrast of lighting  in every set, because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see everything clearly. We chose to do some famous film noir shots, for example the detective standing under the lamp post; which is one of the most significant shots. We have very mysterious music and our characters our dressed in old fashioned clothing; the victim wears a hat, and a long gray coat, the characters look very classical and upper class; which is the film noir audience, who would watch this film. We have used a letter for the communication of the threat; whereas we could have used an iPhone, but we wanted the audience to feel as if they were back in the 1950’s. We got this idea from a very famous film noir movie, where a women rips up the envelopes and throws it in the fire. That is were we got our inspiration from. You can already see from the short film, that the plot is very similar compared to a lot of film noir classics. Where the detective finds out who did the murder, and then the femme fatale is after more people, and the detective gets in great danger. There is romance, deceit, murder, and good vs evil.

Costumes and characters – we kept the costumes very simple. The detective wears, a blazer, sunglasses, a shirt and trousers. The femme fatale, first wears a dress when she puts on the lipstick, and then when she goes outside she wears trousers, a lace top, and a trench coat with the collar up. The victim wears, trousers and white shirt, a gray coat and a hat. Overall the costumes are what out audience would wear as well, so is good because it makes them feel like they can relate, also the femme fatale attracts a lot of male attention when she is putting on her lipstick, wearing a black lace dress. The detective and victim, both look very smart, and classy.

The setting- Enola and i have been very lucky with our setting, because the area is very mysterious, and you can take a lot of great shots. One of the most effective shots where when the femme fatale and victim are walking, and the surroundings is so beautiful, however because its so isolated, you do get the feeling as if somethings bad is going to happen. The other shot which i thought was really effective was when the detective opens the letter. The lighting in the room was really good, because you can see the outline if his profile very well as he opens the letter, and therefore it focuses clearly on his facial expression; which will alert the audience, and make them wonder, before they see what it is.

camera work and editing – We filmed all our footage on an iPhone 6s, Enola and i felt like it had real good quality, and it was easy to transport the videos to iMovie.Overall we used a lot of long shots, however we used zooms a few times, and an over the shoulder shot, we dos used a low angle shot, and several medium shots, then we also used an extreme long shot.  On iMovie we cropped a lot of footage to make it all fit together, and for example we made the femme fatale and the detective walk out the door at the same time, we had to edit all the videos to black and white and mute the sounds, then we used foley to edit in the sounds of the footsteps and birds, sound of gravel and twigs snapping, and finally a door screeching.

story and narrative – We decided to not put any dialogue in the film , because we want the main focus to be on the titles, and we didn’t want to give to much away, therefore we decided to put the letter in it with he words ‘you’re next’, we put it in the very end because it leaves the short film on a cliff hanger, and will have the audience hooked to see more. the story, has a villain; the femme fatale, the victim; the lover of the femme fatale, and a hero; the detective. The two main characters are shown in the film, we didn’t want to put all the victims, and lovers in because that would give too much away. Our femme fatale, is a young attractive women, who is very stubborn and smart, the detective, it a well educated man, however he does have a soft spot. Then finally the victim, you can see that when the victim and the femme fatale are walking; the victim has a bit of a macho walk, as if he is the best, so he is represented as a young man who might have affaires with other women, who doesn’t really care about the femme fatale, he seems very reckless, and looks as if he might have  miss used his power, which leads to his death; the revenge of the femme fatale.